The compilation of historical, archaeological, anthropological, linguistic, and genetic evidence on this website shows, the Arabian culture and Islam originated with the ancestors of many of the people in the western hemisphere known today as “Blacks” and “Latinos”.  It will be further shown that Arabian culture, Islam, and their histories and accomplishments, have been distorted. So much so that “Blacks” and “Latinos” do not recognize them as their own, reject them, and view them with contempt.

Specifically, it will be demonstrated, that:

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  • Chapter 1 – The original Arabians were dark pigmented (“Black”) people, commonly  referred to as “Kushites” by historians.
  • Chapter 2  – Kushites were in, and escaped from captivity in 12th Dynasty Egypt. Their history closely resembles the Biblical and Manetho accounts of the “Exodus”.
  • Chapter 3 – Islam’s origins can be traced to Kush.
  • Chapter 4 – Prophet Muhammad was a Kushite.
  • Chapter 5 – Islam was transformed from a collective system of life (“deen”) into a dogmatic and ritualized religion.
  • Chapter 6 – Islam was spread peacefully by Kushite Arabians into Africa and the Levant, and liberated the people from the colonial rule of the Byzantine empire.
  • Chapter 7 – The Moors who conquered and were later expelled from the Iberian Peninsula included: Kushite Arabians, African Moors, and Israelites, who are;
  • Chapter 8 – The ancestors of many of the people who are today day labeled as “Black” and “Latino” in North and South America and the Caribbean.

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